Monday, October 29, 2012

OvertheWire - Natas Wargame Level 2 Writeup

Level 2

We can use the credentials obtained in the previous post to access Level 2. Once we log in, we are presented with the following screen:

As we did in the previous levels, we can start by viewing the source of the page, seen below:

 <head><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""></head>  
 <div id="content">  
 There is nothing on this page  
 <img src="files/pixel.png">  

We can see an image embedded into the page, and upon further inspection, the image appears to be 1x1 pixels. At first I thought the challenge was more difficult than it really was, because I started looking to see if the password was embedded in the image. However, when this didn't work, I thought to check and see if the 'files' directory was listable. Sure enough, when we browse to, we see the following:

Here we can see both our 'pixel.png' picture, as well as a text file called 'users.txt', which contains the following:

 # username:password  

In this file, we can see the password for natas3, which we can use to log in to the next challenge.

Moving right along. More writeups to come.


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